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My book

Granddaughter of an explorer and cartographer of the Southern and Antarctic lands, daughter of a sailor and fisherman, sea lover myself, this halieutical universe was my calling. Fishes and their breath-taking beauty fascinated me. I was feeling sorry for old hulls and other remains of the sailing world finishing up their lives abandoned, far away from the best of human intentions. There was evidently food for thought and the marriage was celebrated in 2005!


All those boats left to be burnt, forgotten and put away, were offering me their soul, story and their substance to paint my fishes. To my biggest delight, a chip of paint became a fish scale!


Working on nautical charts became self-evident later on. I felt an absolute necessity to give a second-life to such a beautiful navigation support. Clearly, they most of the time speak by themselves but the temptation was too strong not to associate my own drawings to such or such route. There again, the journey is here as an imprinted watermark but as much as I do, one will find there an emotion, a souvenir, a nostalgia…


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